Our competition in life is only by ourselves



You may have often heard people speaking, ' Life is a battle ' you may also believe that and you will live as a battlefield. Whatever you are, a player, a profession, a businessman, a housewife or a person associated with any other profession. You will consider the person who works with you to be an opponent. In the blind race of competition, we just rush to understand anything, but we do not understand that we are not competing with anyone but ourselves.

Now you may be wondering how to compete with yourself. I tell you, just take your life to flashback. Revisit your life from childhood. When you were in a primary or middle school, you would have had some classmates, and you would have to compete hard with them to come to the classroom or get more numbers. Then, in the second episode, we go to high school and secondary. In the meantime, you have made the competition more. With the forefront of the class, you will have left no stone unturned in conducting examinations to become doctors, engineers, chartered accountants and also in other school activities. Similarly, in the third episode, the college, the fourth episode, the job and the fifth episode compete in other aspects of life.


Indeed, you will be moving forward as a complete battle of life, but just wait, i tell you a noteworthy thing in this flashback of life. By separating these links of your life, most of the classmates you were competing with in the primary middle may not be with you in high school, those who were in high school are not in college and those who were in college would have changed in jobs or business. Now just imagine what all our rivals had changed, who was in the competition. Now look at a point of competition that we ourselves are. The opponents changed, but we do not mean our real competition.


Comparing ourselves means that instead of competing with someone else, we assess ourselves. For all the points we have achieved in class VIII, try to score more number in class IX, try to score more in a match than in the previous match, if you are in the target best job, try to achieve more targets than the previous financial year and are teachers, housewives or social workers, schools, an attempt to provide more time and service to the home and society. With such a competition where we will be able to assess ourselves and improve ourselves, the risk of being removed from humanism by trying to make ourselves in blind competition would also be averted.


There is a dialogue of the three idits film that if a friend fails, it is sad, but when a friend comes first, it is more sad. It also sits on the lives of all of us, we have put the relationship between competition on the lookout and are only able to prove ourselves better than others. In this way, we are not able to assess where we ourselves were and where we have reached or are reaching. We never think what are our shortcomings that we have to overcome, how we can improve ourselves, what shortcomings we can overcome before the next competition. We just think about how to compete with a colleague or classmate or push it back. This makes our scope smaller and we deviate from the real goal in the face of momentary success. Our real goal should be to perfect ourselves. To improve the work done in the future by assessing the work done at present, if we see any deficiency in our work or there is any lapse in the efforts, we should amend it. So that we go to any competition, change our opponents, but we will definitely achieve success because we will be able to improve ourselves.


To be sure, if you compete with yourself, you will be able to plan better and implement it because you will be able to improve your previous results and move forward in a way that removes your shortcomings. Remember that success is always achieved by making your line bigger, not by being others line small.


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