Change the approach with the calendar this time.



The year is at its last stop, 2021 is going to come in a few days. All of them will change the old calendar in their homes to a new calendar, but this time do one more job, this time change your approach with the calendar. remove the old calendar from the wall or table and plan it with the New Year calendar., do the same this time with your perspective.

Forget how many problems have occurred in the past year, forget which your plan has not succeeded, forget that a disease has surrounded you and forgets all other, please think such as the new calendar in January, February, March... With new forms, new images and new colors, life will also see you with new forms and new colors.

don't keep making a pickle of last year's bad memories and failures, taking the New Year's plans with a brand-new creativity, new zeal and new passion to the new dimension.

In fact, we have a habit of taking the burden of everything on our hearts and minds, if this habit is not changed in time, it becomes our need. We make this burden or pain a part of our lives, if we put our minds to such a habit, our mind gradually starts creating negativity, if something is not like stress or intervention in our respective circumstances, we start to take stress and become unhappy and disturbed., therefore, it is necessary not to stress non-essential things and not to think about subjects that are not directly affecting your life.

You may find that you know all these things, but my aim is not only to tell you things, but my goal is to make practical implementation of these things. The beginning of any new creation takes time, even if you start changing your perspective, it may take some time, but with unswerving enthusiasm and irrevocable faith you try to succeed. Try to focus your full attention on positivity, think about what new will learn in the new year, what new ones will meet, what new places to go, what new schemes will be fulfilled, what new dimensions to be added to life. If you succeed in changing your attitude by joining me, be sure that the new year is not just change a calendar but also your life.


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